Why is it worth taking part
in the 14th edition of the Forum?

Are you wondering in taking part in the Forum? This means that by the eyes of the imagination you can see what the consequences of your decision might be. We organize the Forum for the 14th time and we can assure you that you are right if you want to take part in this event. It is proclaimed by the growing popularity of the event and participants’ opinions that you can get familiar with on our site.

I am a leader of a non-governmental organization

During the Economic Forum of Young Leaders you will meet a lot of young and ambitious people that are willing to take the fate of local society or the whole region into their own hands. You will allude fruitful contacts that thanks to them you will archive the goals that you set faster. You will find the inspiration to act and gain useful knowledge in playing the role of a leader. You will meet the most charismatic leaders and you will get to know how the shaping of the political and social reality of individual countries looks like.

I am a young businessman

If you are a boss of a dynamically developing company or a prosperous start-up, you can’t miss such event as Economic Forum of Young Leaders. Here you can expand your contact network and thanks to them your business will gain momentum. Apart from useful friendships, you will also have a chance of sharing some practices. Maybe you will be inspired by proven methods in other countries? Maybe you will start a completely new project? You will never know if you will not come!

I am a student

For your future professional, career taking part in the Forum might be a breakthrough moment in your life. This is where the biggest political, science and business authorities appear, as well as the leaders of non-government organizations whose mission is to change the world. Take part in an event that has the potential to set new directions for development in Europe. Meet young and ambitious people. Inspire yourself and share your own ideas. Imagine the benefits that you will gain from debates in which such people as presidents, prime ministers and Nobel prizes winners take part.

An event that everyone can benefit from

Regardless of whether you are a young scientist, politician, ambitious student or businessman, participation in the Forum can gather speed to your career, bring closer to the goal and completely change your life.

Economic Forum of Young Leaders gives you:

  • Contacts with other young leaders from abroad and all over Poland,
  • New knowledge that is useful in a professional career,
  • Inspiration to act.,
  • New projects and motivation in doing them,
  • A chance of participation in an important event,
  • A chance of participation in the Economic Forum in Krynica (05.09.2019),
  • A long list of Honorary Guests and Speakers,
  • Challenges of the Contemporary Leader – extensive workshops, during which leaders will gain practical experience,
  • Morning coffee with business, science and political practitioners.

Shall I also be there?
Of course!